What is a Hymn Festival?

A Hymn Festival is an opportunity for voices from many of our local church and community choirs to come together to sing songs of praise to God.

This program was developed by Ross Boerner as a way to bring the faith communities of our area together. Sure, there are differences between the denominations – but what we have in common outweighs the differences. The program was also designed to promote the art of communal hymn singing. With the inclusion of many more modern songs in our worship services, the  heritage and importance of our hymns, along with the rich stories they tell, has started to fade away. We should remember that Hymns are the people’s story.

So, after just two weeks of rehearsal, the Community Festival Choir will present a free community Hymn Fest consisting of several anthems and many great hymns of the faith; some of which you many know, and some you may not. But, what is important is that we’re gathering together, as a community, in HIS name to give HIM the glory!